Dgrande’s scissor lift table that achieves such an extremely low build height added to function and design, with its closed bottom position of only 80-100 mm.

This scissor lift table with a low profile has the functionality level equivalent to every conventional scissor lift table from Dgrande profile. By taking on a new approach in design and construction, and a manufacturing system based on a lean and state-of-art equipment, the scissor lift table with a low profile from Dgrande is an excellent choice at market.

Dgrande’s lift table has a variety of models, load capacity bof maximum 2,000 kg and a lift range from 700 mm to 950 mm.

Hydraulic Lift Table - Low Profile

Our lift tables products line offer models with U or E-shaped platforms, suitable for pallet handling with a hand pallet truck or motorized one.

These scissor lift tables are available in different colors, with a range of different.

 Ask for more details about Dgrande’s lift tables through [email protected].

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