With twenty five years of skill, expertise and innovation, Dgrande has built a reputation of qualified project and manufacture of the special purpose machines among our customers. 

The main reason for that is Dgrande’s technical team enjoy applying our know-how in processes to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of plant floor operations

Dgrande’ solving problems methods and skills have been helped companies to maintain a steady process and are guaranteed to increase your production capabilities. From a simple, single lift table with rolls base to a more complex, high level automation system Dgrande team can custom build any size or style of special purpose machine for your unique application.

Destacker Blank Loader

Dgrande masters even the most complex assembly and automation operations, giving us a solid base on which we can capitalise and stand out from our competitors:

  • reliable, high-performance technology based on mechanical, high-precision cam systems, assembly machines can also be scalable.
  • everything is handled in-house, from design and manufacture to machining, assembly and validation of assembly machines (continuous or indexed motion).  We even provide training for all of our equipment,
  • the capacity to anticipate how the market will develop over the medium and long term by selecting the right technology and innovations for tomorrow’s machines.

To learn more about our company, our assembly services, our special purpose machines, laser marker enclosures, or controls, please do not hesitate to contact us through [email protected].

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